Sardath is a very strange city built on stilts over Lake Sardmere in north-east Allansia.[1]


It was constructed hundreds of years ago by the hardened Dwarfs and Men who wished to reap the benefits of the vast mineral wealth in the region. The city became incredibly important as a centre for mining and as the connection between the settlements of western Allansia, chiefly Zengis and Fang and the Dwarves of Fangthane and the hardy Northmen of Vynheim in the territory known as Frostholm.[2]

The Dark Elf SiegeEdit

Sardath was involved in a disaster not too long ago, when Dark Elves, somehow magically changed into Black Flyers, came to Sardath and destroyed the bridge connecting the city with the mainland. They proceeded to lay siege to the city and the Dark Elf sorcerers aroused the elements around the city, which made relief impossible. Only when a Councillor from Grimmund managed to infiltrate the Elves’ subterranean fortress and kill their leader was Sardath rescued. Today, it’s role is still as important as when it was built many years ago.


Today, Sardath is inhabited chiefly by the races who built it centuries ago. Typically, many are employed in mineral extraction and the like with others engaged in trade and finally, many providing the services that are expected in a city.

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