skill 10
stamina 12
Attacks 1
Weapon Used by weapon or Magic (see below)
Habitat Allansia
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Human (Priest)
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

Sargon, sometimes referred to as "Sargon the Dark", is an antagonist in the Advanced Fighting Fantasy adventures presented in Dungeoneer, Blacksand! and Allansia.


First Life, Death and ResurrectionEdit

Sargon, the Primate of the Revived Church of Elim, was killed in Carsepolis as the result of mistakenly casting a Death Spell at someone carrying the Crystal of Power, presumably during the early part of the Siege of Carsepolis, the final campaign of the War of the Wizards, since he claims to have suffered this fate "three hundred years ago".[1] His name is known to the people of Ekaad as that of the High Priest of the "Great Enemy".[2].

Because of the manner of his death, Sargon's soul was condemned to wander the streets of Carsepolis until released - and these would later be converted into the sewers of Port Blacksand, rendering his imprisonment even more ghastly. However, a band of adventurers seeking to slay the wizard Xortan Throg came across him and struck a devil's deal.

Sargon gave them directions to the Fish Man-occupied temple of Hydana, wherein the Crystal of Power then resided, and instructed them to bring it to him. In exchange, he would tell them how to find Throg and use the Crystal of Power against him. Upon completing their half of the bargain, Sargon touched the Crystal and was immediately rendered corporeal again - but fulfilled his half of the bargain also, in a strangely honourable move for one of such ancient and Evil disposition.

The Rebirth of the Church of Elim and the Elimite WarEdit

Sargon wasted little time in rekindling the faith of his long-forgotten god. He chose Blacksand as the site of the reborn cult, recruiting followers rapidly as a result of the inherent corruption of the citizens. According to a letter written by him to the High Priest of the Blacksand cult, other temples in Salamonis. Fang, Halak and Rimon were flourishing.[3]

Despite the loss of the Blacksand temple some time later, Sargon continued to grow in power, establishing a monastery in the Icefinger Mountains for his most valuable followers, and unleashed a plague upon the town of Kaad, which was investigated and halted by Yaztromo,[4] although his being the perpetrator of the atrocity was not discovered immediately.

The next to be heard of Sargon was of his rallying a pair of infamous Orc clans to his side, to assist in the total destruction of Kaad by open warfare. By this time, however, Yaztromo had got wind of Sargon's plans, and had sent a band of adventurers to counter the threat. Whilst Sargon's army took the long road around the mountains, forests and swamps of northern Allansia, this group slipped straight through them to reach Kaad in time to prepare its defences.

Upon reaching Kaad, Sargon was forced to engage in open battle against more than just the Kaadians. The original inhabitants of the city, driven out by the Forces of Chaos centuries earlier, and the Goblin tribe of Tanglewood had also assembled to defend the city - although the latter had come solely because of a legal technicality: their king had been challenged and defeated by one of the adventurers, who used his new-found power to order them to march. Sargon's army was destroyed, and he himself narrowly escaped true death when Zune, the Ekaadian High Priest, attempted to strike him with the Staff of Ashra.

The exact whereabouts of Sargon are currently unknown, but it is fair to say that Titan will be hearing of him again soon.

Further NotesEdit

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