Princess Sarissa of Salamonis was a daughter of King Salamon LVII.[1] She was kidnapped on Seaday 3rd of Fire, 284AC.[2]

In 285AC, a marriage was arranged between the sixteen year old princess and Prince Barinjhar, the son and heir of King Pindar of Chalice, in order to formalise an alliance between the two kingdoms.[3] However, the prince opposed the alliance and arranged for Princess Sarissa to be abducted by the sorcerer Xortan Throg.[4] She was rescued and returned to Salamonis by a group of heroes who also discovered Barinjhar's part in the affair.[5]

It is possible that, rather than Princess Sarissa being kidnapped on two separate occasions, the entry in The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook is a printing error and should read 285AC. The yearbook contains at least three other possible errors with dates (page 46: 1776AC instead of 1776OT, page 99: 1661OT instead of 1601OT and page 104: 1446OT instead of 1464OT and possibly page 36: 402OT instead of 1402OT), so this would not be unique.

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