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Scarton is a town in northern Analand in the Old World.[1]

It lies on the eastern shore of Goldwater Lake, and it is here that the ores of gold and other metals which are suspended in the waters of the lake are extracted, refined, and turned into ingots, providing Analand with much of its wealth.[2]

It appears that Scarton is governed by a Burgomaster (see below), a political office which is found across the northern Old World (in various spellings, including Burgomeister).

Little else is known of Scarton. A girl from Scarton called Leisel ran away with the Carnivale travelling freak-show when her parents tried to force her to marry the son of the local Burgomaster. Her brother, Hans, followed the Carnivale on foot to the principality of Lupravia in Mauristatia in the hope of persuading her to return home.[3]

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