The Schanker Mines are located in the Shamutanti Hills, north of Kristatanti in Kakhabad.

They are worked by Goblins and at least one Ogre, for precious stones and various metals.[1]

The name "Schanker" appears to be of a "German"-type more typical of western Mauristatia and adjacent parts of Gallantaria and Brice,[2] - a Captain Schankerman operated out of the port at Eedefork in Gallantaria, for example.[3] It is perhaps possible that the Schanker Mines were originally owned by prospectors from that part of the Old World.[4]

Schanker Mines in the d20 ConversionEdit

In the d20 conversion, the captain of the Goblins is called Waarg and the Ogre is called Grungore. [5]

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