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Scorpion Swamp is an ancient and vast marsh into which few venture.[1]

It is inhabited by many creatures, many hostile and is criss crossed by numerous trails which twist and turn in all directions. It is said that an Evil fog hides the sky there and no-one can set a course by the stars. Within the swamp even compasses become unreliable. In recent years it was claimed by a group of wizards calling themselves the Masters of Scorpion Swamp, yet it has never been under anyone's control and still isn't.

It was described in the annals of a hero as being to the far west of the kingdom. It actually sits just to the west of the centre of the lands between the Swordflow River and the Coast of Sharks. However, the area once covered by the kingdom of Klarash is vast, and the hero's journey does seem to have started in the Mountains of the Giants, from where the swamp would have seemed far to the west. The annals speak of the hero venturing down from the mountains, which turned into hills, then plains, then damp lowlands before arriving at the edge of the swamp in Fenmarge. This could only have meant from the Mountains of the Giants, where the Paladin must have ventured. This was having met the witch of Hagring from whom the hero was given a Brass Ring of Direction. This meeting took place near a town on the King's Highway to the north-west of Scorpion Swamp, which although not named was more than likely Hagring.

Through the swamp runs the mighty Foulbrood River, on either side of which is thick jungle.

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