Sculliweed is mentioned as a rare herb taken by the merchant Ganga of Mirewater to trade with the witches of Dree.[1]

Sculliweed is also found in the herb gardens of the Toadmen of the Bu Fon Fen, and mysteriously associated with the number 49. It is a blue-stemmed plant with no flowers, though its glistening colour is quite remarkable, and it has a strong herbal odour.[2] Both its root and its seeds can be used to concoct Potions of Fortune.[3]

It is also known in the context of the Sculliweed Plague, though whether the herb causes the plague, or whether the plague was caused by an absence of the herb (perhaps as a cure) is unknown. Dave Holt leans towards the former explanation and postulates that the great Sculliweed Plague occurred around a hundred years ago (c. 184AC) in central Allansia.[4]

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