For other uses of Sentinel, see Sentinel (disambiguation)
skill 9
stamina 9
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Swords
Habitat Dungeons, Treasure Room
Number Encountered 1
Type Construct
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average/Unknown

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Sentinel was a magically crafted automaton used for protection and safekeeping of treasures and valuables. It was the last guardian of the Snow Witch's treasure in Caverns of the Snow Witch, being disguised as a magnificent golden idol that transformed into a full-sized warrior when it was touched by a potential thief.[1] It proceeded to attack anyone on sight who dared to invade its master's treasure room.


The Sentinel is a humanoid-shaped automaton encased in an intricately decorated and well-polished gold-plate armour. Through the fearsome visage of its segmented helmet one can detect a pair of human-like eyes gazing at their opponents with an intimidating look. The Sentinel carries three claymore-sized swords, wielding one in its hands, carrying the other two on the back of its armour. Each sword appears to be unique in therms of appearance, with different delicate high-relief decorations on the hilts.

See AlsoEdit


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