skill 9
stamina 9
Preferred Weapon constricting coils, cobra's kiss, tail-lash, tearing talons
Homeland Mauristatia
Known associates Carnivale, Cadre Infernal
Gender Female

Originally hailing from Saarven, where she had been a Human sorceress of some note named Serena, Serpensa changed her name after joining the revived Cadre Infernal and leading them in a Ritual of Summoning to increase their powers, after which she was greatly corrupted and transformed in a half-Human, half-Snake monster.[1]

She became known as The Snakewoman whilst a part of the travelling Carnivale, where she exhibited herself as a sideshow freak. She was killed in Balci by an adventurer seeking a cure for his Lycanthropy, passed onto him by the brother of Count Varcolac, another member of the Cadre. Her silver dagger, first used in the Ritual of Summoning, was later used employed against the Wolf Demon that had possessed Count Varcolac.

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