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Serpent Queen
skill 9
stamina 7
Attacks 2
Habitat Port Blacksand
Number Encountered 1
Type Humanoid
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence High

The Serpent Queen is the nameless woman who has the head of a giant serpent, the result of terrible experiments performed by Caarth sorcerer-priests in the Desert of Skulls.

Lord Varek Azzur acts as her patron for some reason, perhaps pity. She has a terrible temper but is conversely a witty conversationalist. Rumours abound that Azzur would pay dearly for her to be transformed into a whole woman again, though none have yet taken up this challenge, as she has killed a great many retainers thus far. She lives in the Garden District of Port Blacksand on the east side of Parrot Lane.

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