Seventh noble1

The Seventh Noble of Kharé, assailed by Harpies[1]

Three years prior to the events described in the Sorcery! series, the "black-eyed curse" befell the Seventh Noble of Kharé, and he has been reduced to the status of a blind beggar, walking the streets of the cityport, begging for alms.[2] To add to his misfortunes, he has attracted the tormenting attentions of a pair of Harpies, who seek to steal what little money he has collected.[1] Although he tries his best to fight them off, he stands little chance, due to his age and lack of sight (Sk 2, St 8).[3]

The only sign of his former status is a silver ring, in the shape of a serpent, on his finger, and it is rumoured that this may in fact be the Serpent Ring.[4] As a former Noble of Kharé, it is possible that he is one of those who knows a part of the spell which unlocks the North Gate of the city, but his memory is failing, so he may have forgotten it if he ever knew it.[5]

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