Shadow King
Roi des Ombres
skill 13
stamina 18
Attacks 1
Weapon Used great sword or scythe
Habitat Realm of the Damned
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type wraith/demon
Reaction hostile
Intelligence high

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The Shadow King is a very powerful demon and the final enemy of Night of the Necromancer. He is worshipped by the necromancer Unthank, the main villain in the story.[1]


The Shadow King's origin and true nature remain quite mysterious. He is stated to be one of the Death Lords, hinting that he his likely a servant of Death himself in the same way as Voivod. He appears as a ghastly, faceless figure clad in dark shroud and armour, wielding a sword made from the metal of the night, and has immense influence over the Land of the Dead.

Once, the necromancer Unthank sold his soul to the Shadow King to live well beyond his years, and plans to bring him on the Earthly Plane during a lunar eclipse, so that he could raise the dead in the Old World from the grave to take it over.

Once in control of Valsinor Castle, the residence of his liege lord, Unthank prepared to use the lord's sister Oriana as a sacrifice for the summoning. At the height of the ceremony, the Shadow King appeared and promptly slew Unthank where he stood (unless he was already slain). He then tried to control, and subsequently kill, the lord of Valsinore Castle, who had returned from being a ghost to thwart the summoning, and was eventually defeated in combat.[2]


The Shadow King's first attack is an attempt to control his opponents' minds. If a Test of Willpower is unsuccessful, his opponents fall under the baleful sway of the Shadow King and become his loyal servants.

The Shadow King is a very powerful enemy who cannot be defeated without a magical weapon. If you use the Amethyst Blade, you gain +1 in skill and he loses 4 Stamina points per wound received. If you use your sword Nightslayer, you gain +1 in Skill and he loses 3 Stamina points per wound.


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