Shadow Warrior
Shadow Warriors
skill 9
stamina 9
Type Undead

The Shadow Warriors are five legendary undead minions of the malevolent entity Voivod in Legend of the Shadow Warriors.

Origins and DistributionEdit


The Shadow Warriors are five horrifying beings from a nursery rhyme come to life.

They appear as tall humanoids dressed in robes with long hair and strange metallic masks. Their skin is decayed and their eyes black, bottomless pits of death. Each rides a hellish steed and is armed with a unique weapon.

The only way to truly kill a Shadow Warrior is to remove its mask after defeating it.[1] Failure to do so will mean the warrior will melt away, but return later for revenge. All five of the Shadow Warriors were banished forever from Titan when their master The Voivod was defeated.[2]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The five are armed as follows:

  1. A master of martial arts, this Shadow Warrior has 2 Attacks each round.
  2. This warrior carries twin bandoleers of finely crafted daggers across its chest. Each Attack Round it will throw a knife, which will hit 2 in 6 times.
  3. A master swordsman that wields razor-edged broadswords. It causes 4 stamina of damage if it successfully injures an opponent.
  4. This warrior wields a mighty, multi-headed mace covered with pyramid-shaped spikes. At the start of battle, an opponent must successfully Test for Luck or has its weapon knocked away. If it does not have a weapon, the mace does 6 stamina and 1 skill of damage.
  5. This warrior wields throwing stars made of Cruel-Metal. At the start of battle, an opponent must successfully Test for Skill or dies horribly as the weapon rips through its body.

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Further Information in CanonEdit

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* - denotes a picture


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