Shadrack of Baddu-Bak[1] was a hermit living near Fishtail Rock in the Baddu-Bak Plains of the Baklands.[2]

He is depicted as a balding, bearded man in tattered robes.[3] Shadrack possesses large amounts of esoteric knowledge, including knowledge of the Seven Serpents and the Throben Doors, and how to project his consciousness far afield to communicate with others.[4]

Sadly, Shadrack assisted the Analander on the latter's journey to Mampang Fortress. Intent on gaining information about the Analander, the Archmage's guards ventured to Shadrack's cave. Torturing the hermit and staking him on a cross, they left him for dead. Shadrack did not survive the ordeal, but his final act was to communicate with the Analander in Mampang fortress and provide him with further information before eventually passing on to the Spirit Plane.[5]

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