Shakuru is the City of Beggars.

Once just an old leper colony of the Southerners; the remnant of the peoples who once dwelt in the south of Irritaria all the way to the Catsblood River. It was further enlarged by outcasts from Zagoula. This foul city sits in the far south-west of the Scythera Desert and is home to Holagar the Wretched, The Beggar-King and his plague-ridden citizens. It is a city populated by outcasts who trade with the Desert Goblins and nomadic Lizard Men, and who also raid the barbarian settlements west of Kish. The city is little more than a massive pile of debris and garbage in whose rickety temples praise is offered up to Disease and Decay, the patrons and spiritual lords of the city. Rats and flies are bred and released to serve their gods by spreading disease across the world.

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