Shekka is an ancient goddess of Witchcraft.[1]

Referred to also as the "Dark Goddess". She is not to be confused with the Demon Sith who has been referred to by some cultures as the "Goddess of Evil".

The worship of Shekka is amongst witches, most prominently in the Old World. Her powers are to an extent limited on Titan, perhaps as a consequence of banishment to the Void with the High Lords of Evil and Chaos. However, once every thirty-seven years the rising of "Shekka's Moon" takes place. This night is a night of powerful Evil when Shekka's power on Titan is at its strongest. The Moon rises as a blood red crescent. This is the most important night for witches. It is also a night when powerful Demons can be released from Demonifuege (such as the Kurakil).[2] This apparent subordination of Demons to Shekka adds weight to the belief that she is a Dark Lord (this term applies to both genders).

"Shekka's Moon" is also known as the "Witches Moon".[3]

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