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Sheresta, also known as the Nightingale, is an assassin living in Kabaal, and acting under orders of the Bone Demon.

She is a dark-haired, brown eyed, tall woman, regarded as beautiful by numerous men in Kabaal. She masters mind-control techniques, and uses a crossbow and poisoned bolts in order to accomplish murders. She generally acts with a black-leather mask, in order to protect her identity [1]. She may fight in a face-to-face way too, using a curved, slim-bladed sword [2].

She developed the habit to song a chant to her victims in a secret language. Giving her melodious voice, she gets the nickname of Nightingale [1].

Sheresta was gived order to kill the wizard Jallarial, one of the last wizards able to oppose the Bone Demon. After a first failed attempt of assassination in Kabaal [3], Sheresta tries to confront Jallarial and her fellows at the head of an Orc's warband on the Crown Road, but she fails again, and die in the process [2].

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