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Shinva is the name of the former Fifth Noble of Kharé at the time of the Sorcery! series.

It is rumoured that Shinva fell out of favour with the Third Noble of Kharé, said to be a Vampire, and was cursed with the "Living Death".[1] Shinva's spirit is said to wander a crypt in the North Side of the city.[2] As a former Noble of Kharé, it might be the case that he knew at least one line of the spell which unlocks the North Gate of Kharé.[3]

Acquiring the Spell Line from ShinvaEdit

As a result of his altercation with the Third Noble, Shinva has joined the ranks of the undead. His habitation is in a crypt in the cemetery.[4] Shinva has suffered the fate of becoming a Death Wraith, vulnerable only to silver weapons.[5] The player must slay the Death Wraith and return it to its coffin, which will return Shinva to the land of the living.

The Death Wraith has skill 9 stamina 8, and the only two ways to kill it are by invoking Libra's aid[6] or by using silver tipped arrows that the player may have acquired against it.[7]

Shinva, his curse apparently lifted, will then emerge from the coffin, grateful to the player for restoring his life. He will then give the spell line "One lock made out of Golem's hide" and also a couplet which provides a clue that may prove useful in the sequel book, The Seven Serpents:

For sleeping of the Sleepless Ram;

Seek out the one they call The Sham.[8]

In the d20 VersionEdit

Shinva is erroneously referred to as Shivna throughout the d20 module Kharé - Cityport of Traps.

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