Silverton is a town in north-west Allansia, some fifty miles east-south-east of Port Blacksand, at a crossroads in the trading routes of the region.

The town has prospered as a result of the trade in herbs, spices, silks, metalware and foodstuffs which pass through it, and its wealth is apparent in the ornate buildings and well-dressed people which characterise the town.[1]

On Stormsday 7th of Warming, 281AC, the Temple of Filash in Silverton burnt down.[2]

The Wild Hunt rode through Silverton on Moonsday 21st of Locking, 29AC.[3]

In late 282AC or early 283AC, the minions of the Night Prince, Zanbar Bone, demanded that the people of Silverton hand over Mirelle Carralif, daughter of their mayor, Owen Carralif.[4]

A notable tavern (probably more an inn than a tavern) is The Old Toad.[1]

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