Domain luck and Fate
Home Celestial Court
Other Names Cheelah; Gredd; Avana; Lady Luck and Mistress Fate; Zaragillia; Castis; Bismen; Juvenar
Symbols Pair of Dice
Parentage Ashra and Vuh
Spouses Lord Moon
Children Libra, Usrel and Asrel
Siblings Titan
Affiliations Gods of Earth and Mind; Celestial Court; Hall of Mind
Priest Colours White
Holy Day 20th Watching (22nd Man's Harvesting) (as Avana)[1]
22nd Close (26th Sun's Hiding) (as Gredd)[2]
26th Close (30th Sun's Hiding) (as Sindla)[3]

Sindla is one of the major gods of the world of Titan. Her special concern is luck and Fate. She is known by many different names across Titan and is often depicted as an aged but handsome woman.

Place among the GodsEdit

Sindla is one of the Greater Gods. Among those who believe in the Primal Deities of Arn, Vuh and Elim it is believed that Sindla is among that family of younger gods to have been created by Ashra and Vuh. This family is sometimes referred to as the Gods of Earth and Mind. The Goddess of luck and Fate is also the leader of the Hall of Mind and along with Hamaskis, is one of only two members of the Hall of Mind to also be considered one of the Greater Gods.[4]


She is sister to Titan and the mother of Libra, Usrel and Asrel. Some religions believe that Lord Moon was Sindla’s husband, for as her brother was attracted to the light of Glantanka, the more enigmatic light of The Moon captivated Sindla.

Worship and Variations across TitanEdit

Called Cheelah in Kakhabad, Gredd in Ruddlestone and Brice, Avana in northern Allansia, "Lady Luck and Mistress Fate" in Frostholm (in fact sometimes Lady Luck and Mistress Fate are seen as two separate deities) and Zaragillia in Arantis. Other names include Castis, Bismen and Juvenar.

She is a favourite god for appeals and blessings. Sindla is also worshipped by Orcs and bestows her favour on them. Many peoples, for instance the Lendleland peasantry or the peoples of Arantis, pray to her for favourable weather believing that as goddess of Fate she may be able to influence the relevant gods.

Her symbol is a pair of dice. Her temples will be domed, topped with a statue of the goddess. Her priests, who may well be encountered as adventuring priests, will be dressed in the goddess’s sacred colour, White.

Lhyss is the name given to Sindla in the Eastern Realms of Khul, and the islands to the east of that continent, such as the Arrowhead Islands. The worship of Lhyss is prevalent in that region on Stayng Island. On Stayng Island was said to be the Finger of Lhyss, an artefact of the goddess. A great hero, whilst journeying to fight the Lich Lord Mortis, is said to have become the Chosen of Lhyss when, at the foot of Whistlestone Tor (the apparent Finger of Lhyss) the hero blew the sacred whistle of the goddess thus awakening the power of the Finger which bestowed the hero with power.

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