Domain The Pit
Home The Pit
Other Names Goddess of Evil; Sithera
Affiliations Throff
Holy Day 13th Watching (15th Man's Harvesting)[1]

Sith is a Snake Demon and Demon Prince. She is unique among Demons in that she is the only major one who is considered to be female, inasmuch as such beings can have a gender imposed on them.[2]

Place in the AbyssEdit

She is currently the dominant Prince of the Abyss, although in recent decades her power has waned on the Earthly Realm. She is known to be the cruellest of the Demon Princes and has a palace on the Plane of Steel, crafted out of Snake scales and using a geometry capable of driving a Human mad.


She is also the creator of the Snake People, first of which are the Caarth.



Sith as Sithera

She was known in ancient Djarat as Sithera and depicted as a Cobra-headed woman possessing four arms and wearing a necklace of thirteen skulls, filling the role of the "Goddess of Evil". She is often depicted with her pet Python Sussussurr, the Immortal Son of Vermistra, the Snake Goddess.

See AlsoEdit


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