Domain Malice
Home Celestial Court
Other Names Ar Anwar Gerithan
Parentage Asrel
Siblings Tanit
Priest Colours Bright Orange

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Slangg is the god of Malice.[1]


Brother of Tanit. It is thought that he is the son of Asrel. In defiance of his mother's domain, he chose Malice to be his special concern. Sometimes referred to as a Dark Lord although this title is disputed, as many believe him to have been a servant of the Dark Lords. Although he fled to The Void, it is believed that he was not imprisoned there, and still visits the Celestial Court. He is not a member of the Hall of Mind, because the Hall's members are seen to govern virtues whereas malice is perceived as a flaw.


Slangg is worshipped also by the Dark Elves who call him Ar Anwar Gerithan. From the writings of an adventurer turned scholar whose knowledge of the Old World is deep, it is known that Slangg is very popular in the rougher South Bank district of Kharé.[2] In this city Slangg's temple is a large covered piazza, where large numbers gather to hear the "Teachings of Slangg". The many traps throughout Kharé (known as the "Cityport of Traps") are accounted almost shrines to him. He is depicted as a grossly fat man with the forked tongue of a Snake, typically posed whispering as aside behind his hand. His priests wear bright orange robes and have shaven heads. If encountered, beware, for they will be carrying weapons.

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