Sleeping Grass
Sleeping Grass
skill 0 (see below)
stamina 2
Attacks 0
Weapon Used None (see below)
Habitat Hills, Plains, Wilderness
Number Encountered 1 patch
Type Plant Monster
Reaction Neutral
Intelligence None

Sleeping Grass is not an actively carnivorous plant, but it can nevertheless greatly affect anyone encountering it.

It is a fiery-red colour (a large patch of it gives Firetop Mountain its name), and produces many small flowers among its blades. The flowers emit a very sweet smell when disturbed, and fill the air with a cloud of pollen. Anyone who disturbs the grass will suddenly feel very relaxed and tired, and will stop to sit among the flowers and rest. They will feel their eyelids growing heavy, and then fall into a deep sleep full of vivid dreams for several hours. Predators sometimes wait near patches of Sleeping Grass, knowing that there is a chance of some easy prey. Unless they are very quick in dragging their victim off the patch, though, they will fall asleep themselves. It can be truly alarming to wake up surrounded by a pack of Lions, Orcs and Snattacats, all fast asleep![1]

As well as Out of the Pit, Sleeping Grass turns up in many gamebooks, such as Return to Firetop Mountain[2] and Deathmoor.[3] In Spellbreaker, we discover that pouches of Sleeping Grass pollen can be purchased for 3 Gold Pieces per pouch. These pouches can be thrown at an opponent, with a successful "Test Your skill", to release the sleep-inducing pollen that will knock your opponent out and allow you to finish them off. Sleeping Grass pollen will not affect Undead, Demons, or Evil spirits.[4]

All of these references would suggest that Sleeping Grass has an Irritarian distribution across all three major continents of Titan.

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