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skill 8[1]
stamina 3
Type Humanoid/Goblin

Smegg was a despicable humanoid who lived in the caves of the Witchtooth Line.

He wears the skin of a Giant Spider and wields its jawbone as a weapon. He proclaims himself "Guardian of the Gate", and knows the cave system well. No stranger to treachery, Smegg earns his meals by luring travellers into a deep pit.

Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[2]
Legend of the Shadow Warriors (para50#, para71, para95, para224, para240*, para313)


# - denotes a reference with statistics
* - denotes a picture

See AlsoEdit


  1. Legend of the Shadow Warriors - para50
  2. Complete list of references catalogued by FF Titan Bestiary

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