Snattacat Tusk are taken from the Snattacat.[1]

Although Snattacats are found in the Old World, it is written that in the quest to kill Morgana, the Monarch of Arion came across a decorated Snattacat Tusk. This had 11 tiny Dragons engraved on it and inside it had 8 identical seeds looking like Apple pips. These allowed the Monarch to visit with Vashti in Maiden's Vale. It seems strange that the means to enter a gateway which exists in north-east Khul, would be contained in a tusk from south-west Old World. Perhaps the tusks were once traded from the Old World to Khul. However, it may also be that this tusk was a relic fashioned by a civilisation which existed in this part of Khul before the Splitting of Irritaria. This civilisation may well have come across Snattacats then because this area of Khul is the area closest to where the Old World would have been joined to Khul.

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