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A Social Scale is a general system that can be employed throughout Titan.[1]

Throughout Titan there are many systems of societal structure and often one's social scale is an important factor in many situations. The scholars of Salamonis in the late third century AC attempted to broadly codify the scale especially as it pertains to cities. This scale follows, but in reading it please be aware that it differs slightly from location to location depending upon the naming convention of the various hierarchical levels. The scale has eleven levels:

  • 0 - Beggar or despised criminal
  • 1 - Peasant
  • 2 - Farmer
  • 3 - Worker
  • 4 - Craftsman
  • 5 - Craftmaster
  • 6 - Leader
  • 7 - Knight
  • 8 - Lord or High Priest
  • 9 - Prince
  • 10 - King

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