Solani Island is a large island off the most south-eastern coast of Allansia, situated east of Jitar Island and south-east of Kulak Island.[1]

It was recently inhabited by priests of Hamaskis and four elemental wizards, the latter of whom used their powers to ensure plentiful Fish and calm weather for the fisher-folk of the mainland in exchange for materials needed for their magic. Solani is also home to the hermit Ralsteen and to a small Lizard Man tribe, and long ago was the site of a battle.

However, this all changed when the Master of Water, Molander, began to tamper with the Greater Undead in an attempt to understand how his element interacts with the dead, and corrupted the Master of Fire, Ziraphelis to his cause. After Ziraphelis became possessed by a Dire Spectre, he killed Molander - though his spirit continued to haunt his chambers - and when challenged by the Masters of Air and Earth, used his new-found mastery of their elements to create a Vortex of Discord to divert their hatred to each other.

As a result, Remishaz and Caltarelair killed each other in life and continued to battle in un-death, until they were finally released by a fisherman who had travelled from the mainland to find out what was going wrong with the seas. After the grateful spirits provided the fisherman with the means to reach Ziraphelis, he proceeded to slay the corrupted Masters and banish the Dire Spectre forever.

There is a lighthouse powered by a magical stone at Solani's north-eastern tip, though it was briefly disabled during the reign of Ziraphelis and had to be reactivated by an "Incantation of Light" that the murdered priests had hidden in their monastery. Also, a shrine to several gods was known to be in use at the far south-western tip of the island, though its current state is unknown.

Both Merman and Karkarus hunting parties are known to frequent the stretch of sea between Solani and Jitar, and often clash in short but bloody conflicts.

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