The Healer from Caverns of the Snow Witch

Southern Mask Magic, as practiced by Pen Ty Kora.[1] is a style of magic that makes use of masks to cast spells. It is mostly focused on healing spells. This style of magic is famous because, if mastered at the highest levels, it is strong enough to counter even the effects of a Death Spell.

Pen Ty Kora studied Mask Magic in Kaynlesh-Ma (Arantis), and his Master was from the Temple of the earth-goddess of Kaynlesh-Ma, that is therefore considered to be the most important learning center for Mask Magic.

See AlsoEdit

Southern Mask Magic is described in detail also by AFF rulebook extension Heroes Companion, at pages 12-15, although it is mentioned that it may be more suitable for NPCs, rather than for Heroes.


  1. Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World - 61/129

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