A Southern Swordsman is renowned for their skill in battle but also for their corrupted nature.[1]

In earlier ages the craftsmanship of many weapons used by the warriors of the Southern Steppes was legendary, but following their defeat at the hand of the army of Skarlos it seems that much of their weapon lore was lost. Many such weapons were stored in Neuberg for centuries following the great Battle of Castle Hill.

Of these the most notable are perhaps an example of the legendary Black Mace, which was surrounded by silver-tipped spikes and doubled the damage a normal mace would do.

Also the fabled Ice Sword is a fabled weapon. At first site it appears as a thin brass tube but turns into an Ice Sword with a twist of the tube. A transparent crystal emerges from the end of the brass tube with a symbol. The "ice" is an unidentified material, capable of retaining a great hardness even when very thin. This ice crystal shaft is very cold, to the extent that it will damage anything living it touches.

Most wondrous of all is a richly decorated scimitar, which is the ceremonial sword of Vlax the Slayer a ferocious general who was killed in single combat with the legendary hero Skarlos. Vlax's spirit was preserved in the hilt of the sword though and any one who touches the hilt will feel the presence of Vlax as his spirit attempts to reclaim a body.

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