Spectral Stalker
Spectral Stalker
skill unknown
stamina unknown
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Large Claws
Habitat the void between worlds in the Macrocosmos
Number Encountered as summoner decrees
Type Monster/Undead[1]
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence unknown

Spectral Stalkers are a type of alien undead monsters in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origins and DistributionEdit

The exact origins of the Spectral Stalkers is unknown, but is assumable that they originate from the dark void between the worlds of the Macrocosmos.[2]


A Spectral Stalker has a body which appears to be nothing more than a skeletal frame of sharp bones covered by a tightly-drawn scaly skin, topped by a mass of writhing tentacles for a head, which is set with bulbous, multi-faceted eyes. A Stalker stands on four long, spindly legs like those of a spider,[3] and from their upper bodies sprouts a multitude of clawed arms.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Spectral Stalkers are named for their ability to relentlessly track their assigned prey, even through the vastness of the Macrocosmos. When their Prey causes some form of disorder on the world it happens to be in, the Stalkers will be able to pick up its "scent", enabling it to eventually close in on it.[4] They are able to freely travel between the boundaries of reality, thus making their role as hunters much more easier.

Furthermore, the Stalkers are too alien to be affected by most conventional means of combat or magic.[5] Strong enchantments are able to bind them, but even then the process is highly tricky, demanding precise conditions in order to work properly.[6]


See AlsoEdit


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