Cm spectres
skill 7-10
stamina 7-14
Weapon Used Life-Draining Touch (damage 2 points plus special)
Habitat Dungeons, Ruins
Number Encountered 1
Type Undead
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average-High

Spectres are a type of undead monster. Unlike most other undead monsters in the Fighting Fantasy series, they have no entry in Out of the Pit, but appear in several gamebooks as antagonists.


Spectres are insubstantial, undead renmants of persons who died with darkness in their hearts, either as the result of the life-draining touch of another spectre or due to a traumatizing or torturous demise. As a result, Spectres are overcome by an unreasonable hatred for the living and will attack any live creature on sight.

Spectres appear mostly as they did in life, though in a hazy and ghostly form, their features contorted by the pain they had to endure upon death and their hatred for all living things. Usually (but not universally), they appear wreathed in fluttering shrouds.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Spectres possess a life-draining touch which sucks part of an opponent's life force from their bodies and souls, though its effects are usually felt only after the heat of combat. (Ruleswise, this translates into the rolling of one die at the end of combat; a result of 1-5 means that any character hit by a Spectre loses 1 point of his skill).

Spectres are also insubstantial and can glide through the air. They use these abilities to ambush victims by passing though a wall. As a result of having no physical body, Spectres can only be harmed by magic or magical weapons.


Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[1]
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# - denotes a reference with statistics
* - denotes a picture


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