skill 7[1]
stamina 5
Attacks 1
Weapon Used see below
Habitat Caves, Dungeons
Number Encountered 1
Type Insect/Humanoid
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

Spider-Men are a combination of Insect and Human in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origin and DistributionEdit

It is rumored that Spider-Men were originally demon worshippers who at one time boldly asked their demonic master to bestow upon them the powers of the dreaded Death Spiders in order to more effectively capture unwary souls. The demon granted their wish, but with its twisted sense of humor it did not enlarge its servants to the size of a Death Spider, but instead shrunk them to the size of a real spider.

Thereupon, the Spider-Men scattered throughout the world, venting their resentments on all those unlucky enough to cross their path by attacking them with their poisonous bite.[2] However, it is not known whether Spider-Men can breed and procreate, or whether they are simply ageless, but of an ultimately limited number.

One famous Spider-Man is Racknee, who was reportedly found trapped within a glass jar within the Citadel of Chaos.[3] He is apparently an associate of the local Ganjees, but the exact nature of this relationship remains unexplained.[4]


Spider-Men look just like a miniaturized version of the much larger Death Spiders, at a size of ten centimeters across, with a Human head on a Spider's hairy body.[5]

Special AbilitiesEdit

As mentioned before, Spider-Men are equipped with a highly poisonous bite. One hit from their tiny teeth is enough to inject an instantly fatal dose of venom,[6] unless the victim is protected by a highly potent (magical) countermeasure.

See AlsoEdit


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