The Spider Fens, also known as the Mizokumo Fens, are vast marshes that lie to the north of the Hiang-Kiang River, to the west of the northern Long Hills, and to the south of the Shios'ii.[1]

They are delimited to the west by the Carp River. Named wisely after the various Giant Spider species that lurk in their depths (Giant Trapdoor Spiders and Giant Water Spiders can be found in this land) they are a most dangerous place to venture. Within the marshes many rivers flow and form a great proportion of the Hiang-Kiang's tributary source. The marshes were once less vast than they are now and within their depths the remnants of an ancient civilisation still remains, with roads and causeways echoing the past. The depths of the waters of the marshes in places is great and it said that one lake within the fens harbours an ancient Kraken. It is told that the civilisation of old perished when the Eternal Mist descended to create the fens.

Further NotesEdit

  • In Japanese, mizo means "ditch" and kumo means "spider".

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