Type Magical Creature

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More information can be found at:Source[1]
Out of the Pit (Large) (pg18, pg27, pg33-37, pg55, pg84, pg93, pg95, pg11)
Allansia (pg45, pg138, pg149-150)
Caverns of the Snow Witch (para339)
Sword of the Samurai (para31, para101)
Battleblade Warrior

(pg22, para285)
Slaves of the Abyss

(para302, para384*)
Stealer of Souls

(para117, para134, para325, para350, para400*)
Dead of Night (pg27, para61, para214)
Tower of Destruction (para66, para88, para90, para97, para142, para150, para164, para166, para181, para192)
Island of the Undead (para28, para40, para53, para91, para99, para129, para179, para192, para200, para220, para240, para251, para256, para265, para309, para313*, para314, para323, para334, para350, p ara361, para386, para388, para394)
Spellbreaker (para24, para137, para213, para262)
Deathmoor (para139, para262)
Knights of Doom (pg16, pg22, para14, para28, para36, para75, para97, para99, para103, para143, para145, para153, para163, para175, para190, para239, para240, para248, para249, para279, para303, para376)
Magehunter (para122)
Template:Bloodbones(para4, para8, para30, para47, para96, para142, para160, para251, para389)
Template:Howlofthewerewolf(pg18, para76, para241, para382, para448, para473)
Template:Stormslayer(para78, para118, para137)
The Trolltooth Wars

(pg22, pg30, pg62, pg65, pg83, pg156, pg180, pg187-188, pg256, para265-267, pg291)
Demonstealer (pg85, pg119, pg130-131, pg183, pg195-196, pg199)
Shadowmaster (pg45, pg124, pg130, pg143, pg148, pg205, pg228*, pg229*, pg239*, pg245)
The Seven Serpents (para3, para60*, para82, para116, para140, para150, para166, para207, para232, para297, para323)
The Crown of Kings (paraCover*, para77, para503)
The Shamutanti Hills (para124, para251, para293, para354, para377, para403, para455)
The Tasks of Tantalon (Hardback)'(pg26, pg27*)


# - denotes a reference with statistics
* - denotes a picture


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  1. Complete list of references catalogued by FF Titan Bestiary

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