Spirit Demon
skill 8
stamina 8
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Large Claw
Habitat Caves, Dungeons, The Demonic Planes, The Spirit Plane
Number Encountered 1-2
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average-High

Origins and DistributionEdit

A Spirit Demon is a particularly powerful kind of Demon, at least in relation to the position they occupy in the Demonic hierarchy. Much of their time is spent flitting between the various Demonic and Spirit Planes in search of a means to enter Titan, which they accomplish either through being personally summoned to divulge information or alternative aid, or by effectively hijacking the portal created in order to draw a spirit into the world due to a casting error or pure strength.[1]


The typical Spirit Demon manifests itself in as a Minotaur-like entity, appearing a hugely-muscled humanoid with cloven hooves and great horns sprouting from their wide - but undeniably Human - heads. They also possess large and viciously sharp claws that are able to open a person up in a single blow, and sometimes they choose to have a bull-like tail also. They are between three and four metres in height, or up to five if the horns are included!

Special AbilitiesEdit

Spirit Demons are able to partially defy the restrictions placed upon by a summoning spell, through speaking in their own Demonic dialect to avoid giving the desired information to their summoner, and even breaking the bonds that prevent them from attacking anyone outside the summoning circle, although such occurrences are rare and usually require at least some mistake on behalf of the conjurer to succeed.

Further NotesEdit

See AlsoEdit


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