Spirit Stalker
skill 10
stamina 8
Weapon Used Burning touch
Habitat Dungeons and Ruins
Number Encountered 1
Type Undead
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

Spirit Stalkers are beings that appear as extremely pallid, ghoulish, decaying Humans.[1] They wear long black cloaks and hoods to hide their horrifying features, and speak with a hissing voice. They serve the Night Prince Zanbar Bone, serving as his messengers and most trusted servants, riding on huge black stallions with fiery red eyes, and can only be killed with a silver arrow to the heart.[2]

In The Port of Peril, they conspire with Lord Azzur to force the stonemason Horace Wolff to carve a cursed keystone that could revive their lord, by holding his wife Luannah Wolff hostage;[3]

Like Zombies, they are animated corpses, but unlike Zombies they have retained their intelligence. It is this that requires remarkable power on the part of the animator. The touch of such a creature burns living flesh and they in turn cannot be harmed by normal weapons, only by silver weapons or magic. If destroyed, their bodies dissolve in a hiss of thin smoke.

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