The Staff of Power is the name given to a number of incredibly powerful artefacts.[1]

Thought to have been created in the eighteenth century OT, it is possible that they are in fact older than this, pre-dating even the Time of Heroes, and were simply first rediscovered in the eighteenth century OT. The Staves appear to have been created by powerful wizards and judging by their design, these wizards were not of a Good persuasion. Following the destruction of the armies of Evil in 1998OT, attempts were made to destroy those Staves, but to no avail, thus they were given in secret into the keeping of various wizard fraternities spread across Titan.

The most powerful of these Staves, the Staff of Rulership was entrusted to the Great Wizard of Analand. In 284AC, this Staff was stolen by Shanzikuul, the Master of Chaos. However, before he was able to fully use its potential, he was killed by a hero, and the Staff returned to the Old World.

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