The Staff of Rulership is one of the old infernal Staves of Power.[1]

It is made of black wood, shod with silver and bronze, ensorcelled with runes. It is topped by a sculpted black skull with blood stoned eyes and wide opened jaws sporting sharp fanged teeth that are unnaturally long. It is said to have the power to bring great create Chaos into existence and then warp and mutate it to the will of the master of the Staff. In a powerful sorcerer's hands, it could be used to unify the forces of Evil and Chaos.

The Staff of Rulership was entrusted to the Great Wizard of Analand to keep it hidden until such time as it could be destroyed. However, in 284AC, this Staff was stolen by Shanzikuul, the Master of Chaos. Thankfully, before he was able to fully use its potential, he was killed by a hero, and the Staff was returned to the Old World.

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