Black Stalker

"The Stalkers are reptiles, mutated Dragon hatchlings stolen and distorted by magic."[1]

These words were given by the Dragon Conclave of the late third century AC convened to debate the threat of the Night Dragon.

The Cult of the Night Dragon had a number of powerful mages within its ranks, some of whom may have been drawn from the priesthood of Kilanirax. The priesthood denies such stories but the level of knowledge that the Mages showed could have only have been gained through some reference to the archives of the Dragon Temples.

Some of these mages set about creating draconian guardians, which they could control, to at first scare away prying eyes from their activities in the Dragon Reaches, and later to form the basis of a Chaotic Army to sweep through Allansia, and then Titan.

From the tales we have been told of the story of the hero who vanquished the threat of the Night Dragon it appears that a number of different types of Stalker existed. It also appears that the different types of Stalker were created from the different types of Dragon. Thus we come across:


White Stalker

No Gold or Silver stalkers were encountered. This is not to say that they did not exist, but it is likely that the Silver and Golden Dragons young were less easy (easy being a relative term amongst Dragons of course) to abduct.

These stalkers were described as having reptilian heads with massive fanged mouths and powerfully muscled arms ending in huge four fingered claw hands ("sharp as steel and heavy as a rock").[2] These beasts stood between two and two and half metres tall.

There appears to have been a further type of Stalker encountered: the Bone Stalker. The difference between the two types in appearance was that the very flesh of these beasts appeared to be decaying and falling off them so that their sinews and bone could be seen underneath. The difference between the Stalkers and Bone Stalkers in origin seems to have been that Stalkers were mutated into a more humanoid form from Dragons' Hatchlings, whereas Bone Stalkers appeared to be an attempt to fuse the two races (with less success than with Lizardine centuries before).


Stalker Priest

The Stalker-Mage was also referred to as a Bone-Stalker and we know that he was once Human. A normal Bone Stalker was less skilful than a Stalker but more powerful. A Bone Stalker champion was more skilful and powerful still. The Bone Stalker-Mage was the most powerful of all. He was also the Head of the cult and no doubt was the main instigator of the mutations. Certainly dedicated to his cause he mutated himself but was powerful indeed, standing three metres tall. Note that not all priests within the cult went so far as to mutate and mutilate themselves.

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