Stefan Ufnowski
Born 1954
Birmingham, England
Died January 9, 2001 (aged Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "{".)

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Stefan Ufnowski was a computer programmer whose work was most prominent in the 1980s. His association with Fighting Fantasy is in the programming of the game Rebel Planet, a conversion of the gamebook of the same name.

Early lifeEdit

Stefan Ufnowski was born in 1954[1] in Birmingham, England.


Stefan Ufnowski's first game work was on the 1986 Fighting Fantasy title, "Rebel Planet" for the Commodorem64 as Lead Programmer. He also worked on the following with his wife, Ann Ufnowski.

  • Incredible Shrinking Sphere (also known as ISS); Commodore C-64 Cassette
  • Brat (PC 3.5" floppy disk)
  • Dream Warrior (a Beat 'Em Up/Shoot 'Em Up for the Commodore C-64 Cassette)
  • Fire Ball (Commodore C-64 Cassette)
  • Ghostbusters II (Amiga ST )
  • Kayleth (Commodore C-64 Cassette)
  • Captain America
  • Timescanner
  • Fireball
  • Masters of the Universe (adventure and Arcade versions)

Later LifeEdit

Stefan died on 9 January 2001.[1]

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