The US version of the BattleCard 'Strangler Zombie'


UK (left) and US (right) versions of the Strangler BattleCard (artwork side)


UK (left) and US (right) versions of the Strangler BattleCard (text side)

Strangler Zombie was US BattleCard card 26, and under the name Strangler was UK BattleCard 96. Interestingly the back of this card in the US actually was titled "Strangler" as well, thus it was inconsistent on the card itself. The name "Strangler Zombie" was always used within the text of the card, both US and UK.


The card used artwork by Iain McCaig that was originally used in Casket of Souls.


The card describes a type of creature trained within the Dark Lord's legions as an executioner, which terrorises settlements around Two League Canyon. It is a night prowler which, like the Decayer has the plague-touch. Wounds it inflicts will then infect with a rotting disease. However, this creatures preferred method of murder is via strangulation. Like all other zombie warriors, each Strangler was once human and can be repelled by calling them by their true mortal name.

Category StatsEdit

BattleCard TypeEdit

This card is one of The Darklands series. This card was also a Fighter Card.

Further NotesEdit

This card highlights many of the differences that exist between the US and UK versions. The generic differences are of course evident (as described in the main BattleCards entry. However, also specific differences such as the artist mark of Iain McCaig being different and the very naming of the card itself.

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