Strigoiva is a small village in Lupravia: just a huddle of tall, sharply pitched houses and a kind of temple with a tarnished gold onion dome as a roof and a stone bowl collecting holy water around a square, south of a large Shrine to Saint Crucius.[1]

The headman of Strigoiva is called Konrad.[2]

Until recently, it was the victim of a spectral Wolf-pack that was referred to as "The Howling"[3] but when the alpha male of the pack was destroyed by a passing adventurer, the entire pack dissolved into the ether with it.


The word "Strigoi" is Romanian, meaning the "Evil souls of the dead that rise from their graves to haunt and trouble passers-by". In many cases, they are associated with Vampires, but - contrary to popular belief - are not specifically stated to be the female form.

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