Ilk styracosaurus
skill 12 (adult) 11 (young)
stamina 18 (adult) 10 (young)
Attacks 3
Habitat Jungles, Plains and Wilderness
Number Encountered 1
Type Reptile/Dinosaur
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

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Despite living solely on plants, a Styracosaurus is one of the meanest and most ill-tempered of all animals, violently attacking anything that appears to threaten them and anything that doesn't.[1]

Covered in thick folds of leathery skin, and growing up to two metres high and six metres long, they are more than a match for most warriors or hunters.

The Lizard Men of Silur Cha are rumoured to use Styracosaurs as mounts, in much the same way as other races might use warhorses for the purpose of heavy cavalry. However, they are temperamental and are just as likely to run away from the battle as towards it.<

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