Domain Storms
Other Names Kukulak; Whaan; Tir
Symbols Howling Face; Skull with a circular mouth
Parentage Vuh
Spouses Unknown
Children Thyra Migurn
Siblings Hydana; Pangara
Affiliations Gods of Wind and Water; Celestial Court
Significant Cults Khulian cult of Kukulak
Holy Day 15th Freeze (15th Snow's Cloak)[1]
22nd Hiding (25th Nature's Curling)[2]

Sukh is the Storm god.[3]


He is the brother of Pangara and Hydana[4]. It is believed that he is a member of one of the original families of the gods created by the Primal Deities. In his case, his family is believed to have been created by Vuh.

He does not reside in the Celestial Court but in the Elemental Planes. This does not deter from the fact that he is still considered to be one of the Greater Gods. Sukh often works in tandem with his brothers, harnessing the wind of Pangara and the waters of Hydana to add to the lightning and thunder of his own creation.

He has many children one of whom is thought to be the Lightning goddess, Thyra Migurn. Certainly this immortal is a servant to Sukh only.

Variations Across TitanEdit

He is also known as Kukulak in Khul (where he is also often mixed up with the "God of the Winds", Pangara). In other regions he may be referred to as Whaan and Tir[5]. Sukh's powerful nature makes him a favourite god for the ruling classes in a number of lands. Notably the Lendleland nobility worship Sukh for this reason. Other apocryphal names for Sukh include Sheng-Chuan, Kulak (a derivative of "Kukulak" in Shabak), Hrothgar, Namarkaron and "Gavras of the Sky Hammer".


It is believed that he created the Life-Stealers who worship him to this day. It is believed by some that Sukh created the Life-Stealers as his warriors. A few Life-Stealer corpses have been found wearing gold pendants in the form of a skull with a circular mouth, which is an ancient symbol of the Storm god, as if blowing out the gales of a hurricane[6]. The allegiance of the Life-Stealers to Sukh has generated the belief by a number of peoples that Sukh is an Evil god, but this belief is misplaced - rather, it is merely in the nature of these ferocious predators to hunt the best available prey, namely humans, as opposed to a conscious act of malevolence.


Sukh is often depicted as a raging man and his symbol is a Howling Face. This deity has been known to have adventuring priests.

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