Swamp Mutant
Swamp Mutant
skill 10
stamina 16
Attacks 3
Weapon Used Large Bite, Large Claws
Habitat Lakes, Marshes and Rivers
Number Encountered 1
Type Reptile
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

A Swamp Mutant is a carnivorous aquatic reptile found in the rivers and waterways of southern Allansia.

Origins and DistributionEdit

They have only been recorded from the muddy banks of the upper reaches of the River Vymorn as it runs through the Nightshriek Jungles.[1] However, they are almost certainly found throughout the rest of the Swamplands of Silur Cha.[2]

Swamp Mutants have been described as having a "mutated Alligator head",[1] which means that they are probably related to the Swamp Alligator.


Swamp Mutants have also been described as "the most repulsive creature ever seen".[1] They are a sickly white colour all over, like the soft underbelly of a Crocodile. Whilst they share many characteristics of Crocodiles and have the same general body-plan, including their mutated Alligator head, they are also able to rear up on strong hind legs, similar to bipedal reptiles such as the Pit Fiend. However, this bipedal stance is probably only used by the Swamp Mutant when attacking prey on land, and at other times, when not swimming or attacking, it reverts to a more normal four-legged approach whilst walking. Swamp Mutants are at least as big as the biggest Silur Cha Crocodiles, which are six metres long, and their maximum size is probably around ten metres long.[3]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Unlike Crocodiles and Alligators, the Swamp Mutant does not have any special abilities.

Further NotesEdit

  • The Swamp Mutant appears superficially similar to the Crocosaurus of northern Allansia. However, they are not thought to be related as we know the Swamp Mutant is a mutated Alligator acting in a Dinosaur-like manner, whereas the Crocosaurus is clearly a Dinosaur with a Crocodile-like head.[4]
  • One of the reasons for this sudden minor proliferation of Crocodile-headed Dinosaur-type creatures could be that this time marked the discovery and formal naming of Baryonyx, the first-known real crocodile-like dinosaur.

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