Téla Oriens
Race/Species Elf

Téla Oriens is the name of a great Elven sorcerer and demi-god, also known as the White Lord.[1]

He is regarded as the first of the great Elven sorcerers. It was Téla Oriens who at the suggestion of the Minimites after the First Battle first asked the gods for their guidance in using the art of magic. He is therefore often seen as the associate of Hamaskis (known as "Livurien the Sorcerer" to the Elves). Although the Elves refer to Alliarien as the god of Elf Magic, it is Livurien who they revere as the master of sorcery. It is also Livurien, as well as Erillia (Galana), who they believe communed with the White Lord directly deep in the heart of the One Forest, which at that time spread across the one continent Irritaria.

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