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Tìranduil Kelthas (known to other races as Darkside) is the name of the great Dark Elven city in the caverns beneath Darkwood Forest, where the traitor Viridel Kerithrion and his descendants found after fleeing from the wrath of the combined Elven armies.[1]

It is a wondrous place, lit only by glowstones and phosphorescent plants, and a few pale lanterns here and there, revealing just enough of the strangely-shaped houses to unnerve the bravest of souls. Its architecture is bizarre to Human and even to Elven eyes, replete with twisted turrets and curving walls, all decorated with insane carvings to the foul Demonic patrons of the Dark Elves. Linked to the outside world through a succession of labyrinthine tunnels, protected by elite members of the Camcarneyar Clan, gigantic stone gates and even potent magic, the city is infested with alleys and nightmare parks and gardens.

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