Tak is commonly described as the greatest den of thieves, criminals and cut-throats the world has ever seen.[1]

Perhaps Kharé and Port Blacksand would beg to differ. However, it is larger than Port Blacksand, and busier than Kharé, and may have just cause for its claim. Many of the greatest pirates of the Inland Sea have called Tak their home, and there is probably no better place to learn such a trade. So great is the crime rate that it is known that even the Silver Pieces in the city of Tak are pierced in the centre for hanging on a cord around the owner's neck as protection against thieves. The symbol of Tak is a trading galley (which is shown as a matter of interest on the aforementioned silver piece, and indeed the Gold Piece of Tak which is worth twelve of the former). The political situation in the Inland Sea is a most fluid one, suffice it to say that Tak is invariably enemies with Lagash, Marad and Kish.

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