Race/Species Human
Gender Male

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Tancred the Magnificent was the first King of Gorak.

Origins and Journey SouthEdit

Tancred travelled with his brother Orghuz from the far north-west of Khul[1] where Tancred's father was a leader of one of the small towns of the north-western coast. Seeing the rise of Klarash, his father's seer advised Tancred to make his name in southern lands.[2] He travelled south and founded the Kingdom of Gorak below the River Swordflow.

Gaddon and the MaliceEdit

For a fuller account of the struggle against The Malice, see Orghuz

Tancred made peace and had friendly relations with the Gaddon. With these people he joined forces and defeated the Malice in the Dark Chasms, although Orghuz was lost during these struggles.[3]

Tancred's HeirEdit

Many years ago the direct descendant of Tancred through the line of the eldest child was extinguished and the stewards of the The Ridermark took control of the kingdom until a suitable heir was found. When the Great Seals of the True Shield were somehow broken and the Malice was released once more, an heir was found, thus restoring Tancred's bloodline to the throne in 280AC.[4]

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