The Tanglewood is one of smaller forests of northern Allansia, situated near the ancient city of Kaad.

Compared to some forests and woodlands, it is fairly safe - although there is a great deal of Strangleweed and other carnivorous plants, and it is also home to a Goblin tribe and to Trolls.

The area rose to prominence recently when Sargon the Elimite led an army to destroy Kaad, and the Tanglewood Goblins were forced to engage them in battle. This was because their king had lost a challenge by an adventurer sent to help halt Sargon's advance, and ordered his new "subjects" to go on the march.

The Tanglewood Goblins are led by King Grolik Fatnose, (commonly referred to as "Bonebreaker" due to his fondness for bone marrow).[1]

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